Coolibar® Panamá toquilla


·    100% toquilla Ecuador UPF 50+

·     Made in USA

·     Woven by hand in Ecuador from fonds of the toquilla plant

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This original, genuine panama hat is light, soft and protective. Hand woven in Ecuador with natural fibers of the Toquilla Plant, our Panama Fedora represents centuries of tradition in hat-making.

·     Grosgrain ribbon crown band

·     Interior leather sweatband

·     Circumference: 22″ (7), 22¼” (7⅛),  22⅝” (7¼),  23″ (7⅜),  23½” (7½), 24″ (7⅝)

·     3¼” Brim

·     Woven by hand in Ecuador from fonds of the toquilla plant

·     Hat molded in the USA

·     Natural Toquilla Straw

·     Spot clean

Ultimate Guide to Panama Hats

  1. A Panama hat is a reference to the straw material it is made from. It is neither a style nor a quality, but rather a hat – in any style and of any quality.
  2. The hat is made from the plant carludovica palmata, which grows in the coastal lowlands of Western South America (not in Panama).
  3. Panama hats have always been made in Ecuador, not in Panama.
  4. Ecuador began producing the Panama hat as early as 1630!
  5. During the California Gold Rush, individuals traveled through the Isthmus of Panama and purchased Panama Hats there. Purchasers told interested buyers that they were purchased in Panama, rather than mentioning that they were made in Ecuador.
  6. When Theodore Roosevelt visited the Canal, he wore a Panama hat, which increased its popularity.
  7. The single most important factor in determining the value of a Panama hat is the fineness of weave. Three other important factors that affect price are the evenness of the weave, the color of the straw, and the shaping.
  8. Traditionally, all Panama hats were hand-blocked, a slow and laborious process. Afterwards, a clear sizing material is used to coat the hat. This stiffens the straw and helps the hat keep its shape.
  9. Panama hats vary in the time they take to be woven. Some of the coarser woven hats may take a few hours whereas the finer hats from the towns of Biblian, Montecristi, and Cuenca which may take up to 5 months to weave!
  10. There are many styles of Panama hats, but the most common are: Classic Fedora,Plantation, and Optimo. Coolibar’s take on the Panama Hat is inspired by the classic Australian outback hat which features a wider brim for better sun protection
  11. A Panama hat weaver can be called a tejedor.

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7, 7 1/8, 7 1/4, 7 3/8, 7 1/2, 7 5/8